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in the baking and confectionery industry

Dear readers,

Only those who think outside the box and keep several areas in mind can support companies optimally and individually. This is exactly what we do at Euroteam: we are your experts in the areas of consulting, recruitment, product strategy and technical know-how. And we do not see these separately, but use synergies and our network to achieve the best result for you.


With EUROTEAM, you can rely on a globally experienced

all-round service provider in consulting, personnel management, product development and technology. Since 1994, we have specialised in understanding the most diverse companies in the bakery and confectionery industry and providing them with needs-oriented advice. Both employers and employees associate EUROTEAM with more than 25 years of success.


In this spirit: Here’s to many freshly baked ideas!




Frank Schütrumpf

EUROTEAM Consulting Frank Schütrumpf