EUROTEAM Personal Marketing

Personal Marketing: You Seek – We Find!


Specialist personnel that fits your company

In times when qualified personnel is rare, it is all the more important to fill vacant posts with specialists as quickly as possible. EUROTEAM Personal Marketing finds outstanding specialists who are a perfect fit for you and your company.



A strong network

Our extensive international network allows us to think – and look – outside the box: We look for your new team members in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and all over the world. EUROTEAM Personal Marketing maintains good connections with leading consultants with international experience in industry, business, and trades.

EUROTEAM Personal Marketing

Finding a top team – together

As the link between employer and employee, EUROTEAM Personal Marketing finds the best solution for both parties. Because long-term success is possible only through efficient seeking and finding.We fill any position, from specialists and executives in the baking and confectionery industry to mechanical engineers in the food technology sector.


Perfection made easy

et us do the work! EUROTEAM Personal Marketing takes care of the hard recruiting work and presents a hand-picked selection of top candidates. All you need to do is decide who is the best fit. EUROTEAM can provide individual long-term employees, or short-term workers for peak times. We also have specialist experts available on a project basis.


Succession planning

You want to leave your company in good hands, but lack a suitable successor? We can offer significant support for your search. Thanks to years of experience in the industry and an extensive international network, we know the capabilities and future goals of many rising entrepreneurs.
You decide whether one of our favorites is right for your company.


Our primary markets

EUROTEAM Personal Marketing is active primarily in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In addition, you benefit from our global network.


Ad-hoc interim managers and workers

An important specialist or executive in your company has fallen ill or left? We can help you fill the gap quickly, with high-quality interim managers who support you in the ways you need for as long as you need. Once the pre-arranged goals have been reached or another solution has been found, our interim managers move on.

EUROTEAM Personal Marketing
EUROTEAM Personal Marketing